Anonymity Hurts More Than It Helps???

This video came to my attention through this op-ed.

I like the video and agree that making recovery more visible is important in reducing stigma. Last year I wrote:

Am I the only one who is really underwhelmed with these recent pieces on whether anonymity in AA has been rendered quaint?

To me, they seem to fundamentally misunderstand AA’s anonymity.

There’s plenty of room within AA’s traditions for activism and public education, AA members are just advised not to identify themselves as AA members in the media, avoid presenting themselves as representatives of AA and draw attention themselves.

There is nothing in AA’s traditions that prohibits publicly identifying oneself as an alcoholic in recovery as long as they do not identify as an AA member. The 12th tradition does, however, encourage caution and humility.

I’m out as a recovering person, my full name is on this blog, but I also respect the dangers for individuals and mutual aid groups.

I wish this project all the best, but losing the tradition of anonymity is  pretty frightening to imagine.