I would have learned to listen.

Listen, Understand, Act
Listen, Understand, Act (Photo credit: highersights)

Drugfree.org has a great post from a parent who’s been through the wringer and is speaking from the other side.

When speaking with a struggling parent, she asked him what he wishes he would have done differently. He responds

I would have learned to listen.

First, I would have learned to listen to my son. …

I would have also learned to listen to counselors and parents. …

I would have learned to listen to my own internal struggles about what I am told….

Finally, I would have learned to listen to my heart and my head.

Please go to his post and read his discussion of each of these. It’s a great post.

Regulating the marijuana market

marijuana marlboroThe Partnership at Drugfree.org reports the results of a recent survey:

There is strong support for a wide array of stringent post-legalization marijuana regulations to protect minors and the community wellbeing. The research shows intense support (above or near 90 percent) for:

  • Setting a legal age of 21
  • Prohibiting marijuana smoking in public places
  • Severe penalties for driving under the influence of marijuana
  • Making it illegal to provide marijuana to someone underage (even at home)
  • Prohibiting the sale of marijuana at grocery or convenience stores
  • Industry-financed youth prevention education
  • Taxation for state general fund revenue
  • An outright ban on marijuana advertising

What is particularly interesting is that support for this slate of regulations remains exceptionally strong even among those who approve of the legalization of marijuana.

The poll dug even deeper into attitudes toward marijuana advertising post-legalization, providing respondents with a list of more than a dozen different advertising media ranging from television to movie-theater advertisements, and asking where it would be acceptable for marijuana sellers/growers to advertise. The number one response, among both parents and the general population at large (including in CO and WA) was “nowhere.”

The data are exceptionally clear: There isn’t just a desire for these kinds of regulations, there is an expectation, among parents and among adults nationwide, that lawmakers put these in place if and when marijuana is legalized.