Overdose deaths linked to heroin jumped 39 percent in 2013

tumblr_m5l37qV3Ec1qzp5iio1_500Bad news from the CDC:

According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), many more people are dying from heroin overdoses than in past years. What is particularly disturbing is the rapid jump from 2012, when 5,927 people died from a heroin overdose, to 2013, when the numbers rose to 8,260 deaths, an increase of 39 percent.

Drug Overdose Deaths Are Increasing Pretty Much Everywhere

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These images speak for themselves. Here are a couple of important sentences:

Between 1999 and 2009, drug poisoning deaths grew by 394 percent in rural areas and 279 percent for large metropolitan areas, according to the CDC’s county-level look at the data.

According to the CDC, roughly 60 percent of all OD deaths in 2010 were caused by prescription drugs, with three-fourths of those cases involving painkillers.

The work of advocates like these is growing more important.

Blue indicates a lower overdose rate and red indicates a higher rate (13+ per 100,000)
Blue indicates a lower overdose death rate and red indicates a higher overdose death rate (13+ per 100,000)