a protective wall of human community

Graphic of Carl Jung, published in 1912.
Carl Jung (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sentences to ponder:


In a 1961 letter to AA’s co-founder, BillW., the renowned psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, described two main ways in which individuals with severe alcohol addiction might recover. One was through ‘real religious insight’; the other was through ‘the protective wall of human community’ characterized by a ‘personal and honest contact with friends’ (AA, 1963) [62]. Although AA has more earnestly expressed the former as being the principal pathway to recovery in its main texts [33,63] perhaps inadvertently, stemming from its social orientation and structure, it has also tapped into the curative facets of the latter—protective and positive social influence. While other factors are certainly involved to varying degrees, this AA-facilitated combination, in particular, appears to help individuals suffering from alcohol addiction to find and sustain recovery.


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