Hazelden and Betty Ford have merged

betty ford

From USA Today:

The Betty Ford Center and the Hazelden Foundation have formally merged to become the nation’s largest nonprofit addiction treatment provider.

Officials have openly discussed their struggle to compete with a boom in boutique centers, whose spa-like programs also treat gambling and sex addictions.

Instead of a waiting list at the Betty Ford Center, the $40 million annual operation this summer had some empty beds.

English: Betty Ford Center Logo
English: Betty Ford Center Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anna David provides some context here.

One of our staff, who visited Betty Ford Center this year, said, “I’m not too surprised that they had issues filling beds. At their price point, they’re competing against spa treatment programs and the message of Betty Ford is, ‘You can recover, but recovery requires hard work. You can’t buy recovery. You have to work for it.’ I’m not shocked that this is a hard sell.”

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First, Anna David (quickly becoming one of my faves) has a post about the alliance between Hazelden and Betty Ford. She has a very kind mention of one of my posts. Thanks Anna!

Next, the blog Guinevere Gets Sober has a post linking to me as a “comrade-in-arms”. (I love that!) Her post is about the business of Suboxone and how it’s experienced by addicts seeking help. Thanks Guinevere!

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