Not evidence-based for recovery

Abstinence-oriented treatment has taken a beating in the media recently. There have been lots of assertions that medication maintenance approaches are THE evidence-based approaches and that abstinence-based approaches lack evidence and kill addictions. We know this isn’t true and have posted repeatedly on the subject. Right on time, Drug and Alcohol Findings reviews a recently … Continue reading Not evidence-based for recovery

Addressing reality with a health-oriented approach

We know how to crackdown — but we seem ignorant when it comes to what to do with all those addicted people we’ve “cracked down” on. You may thwart them with your database at the pharmacy, but they’re still addicted. Now what? Abuse-deterrent formulations of drugs and prescription drug take-back days are well and good, but … Continue reading Addressing reality with a health-oriented approach

"Recovery is recovery"

Bill White interviews a medication assisted recovery advocate: The problem with the methadone community is we have too many people who think methadone is a magic bullet for that disease—that recovery involves nothing more than taking methadone. This view is reinforced by people who, with the best of intentions, proclaim, “Methadone is recovery.” Methadone is … Continue reading "Recovery is recovery"

Harm Reduction, Treatment, and Recovery in Scotland

Scotland may be on the verge of a very bold and exciting overhaul of their treatment system. They have depended almost exclusively upon methadone maintenance. The majority of their clients have been expressed a preference for abstinence oriented treatment and they are poised to move toward a recovery oriented treatment system. I had been thinking … Continue reading Harm Reduction, Treatment, and Recovery in Scotland

Recovery will be key in new drugs strategy (Scotland)

I’ve posted before (here, here, here, here and here) about Scotland and the price of harm reduction being the basis of its drug policy. (To the exclusion of recovery or abstinence oriented approaches.) Good news. They’ve just announced that they are adopting a recovery-oriented approach: The new report is published today as former Health Minister … Continue reading Recovery will be key in new drugs strategy (Scotland)