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Revisiting recovery-oriented harm reduction (part 3)

So . . . we’ve dusted off and reviewed my history with recovery-oriented harm reduction. We’ve also explored why I believe recovery and harm reduction should remain distinct constructs. This sets the stage to revisit and update the concept. What … Continue reading

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Revisiting recovery-oriented harm reduction (part 2)

Yesterday, we began to revisit the concept of recovery-oriented harm reduction. Why recovery-oriented harm reduction and not just recovery? 13 years ago, recovery-oriented harm reduction was thought of as a bridge between harm reduction and treatment or recovery. Today, in … Continue reading


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Revisiting recovery-oriented harm reduction (part 1)

The opioid crisis, for good reason, has elevated the role and visibility of harm reduction over the last decade. This seems like a good time to revisit a concept I’ve discussed here several times over the years—recovery-oriented harm reduction. In … Continue reading


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Recovery-Oriented Harm Reduction?

Between the 25 anniversary of AIDS and questions about the future of Vancouver’s safe injection center, there are tons of articles on harm reduction lately. There’s one characterizing opponents of needle exchanges as indifferent to addict deaths, another finding that … Continue reading

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Possible selves

Possible selves interventions + improving treatment access + harm reduction = recovery-oriented harm reduction

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Should addiction treatment prefer abstinence?

I was perusing past year’s articles in Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly and came across these two: Achieving a 15% Relapse Rate: A Review of Collegiate Recovery and Physician Health Programs A Perspective from the Field: The Disconnect between Abstinence-Based Programs and … Continue reading


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What would things look like if we believed they could recover?

Over the last week, there have been two noteworthy stories on supervised injection sites. NYC planning supervised injection sites The first story was in the New York Times and reported on NYC considering supervised injection sites and looking to Toronto … Continue reading

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Drug-free recovery as fantasy?

There is MUCH less tension these days between harm reduction (HR) advocates and treatment providers. HR advocates confronted treatment providers with legitimate questions about their thresholds for accessing and staying in care. More recently, the opioid overdose crisis pretty dramatically … Continue reading

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Professional Knows Best

That harm reduction post from a few days ago? DJ Mac blogged on the same article and did a much better job discussing the questions involved, particularly around client preferences, expectations and professional pessimism. However, when we, the professionals working … Continue reading

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Recovery and Harm Reduction

Bill White has a new paper on Recovery and Harm Reduction in Philadelphia. Here’s a quote he offered in a blog post introducing the paper: Traditional harm reduction programs have pioneered low threshold services, but they have often also been characterized … Continue reading

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