Big changes here

Many of you already know that, after more than 25 years, I left Dawn Farm last month.

One unsettled question was the future of this blog.

Well . . . we just sorted that out. Dawn Farm intends to maintain this blog and there was agreement that it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to continue to blog on for an organization I no longer work for or speak for.

So . . . I am starting a new blog with a handful of other contributors. You can find that at

If you want to continue to receive my posts (and posts from the other contributors), you’ll have to sign up for email updates at, add it to your feedreader, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

After more than 14 years and 2893 posts, this will be my last post on Addiction & Recovery News. (Though Dawn Farm may re-blog some of my posts here.) However, all those old posts will live at both sites and I’m pretty excited to see what happens at both sites.

2 thoughts on “Big changes here

  1. Thanks for all your posts here; it’s a favorite blog of mine.

    I’ve been following for years and will continue to follow at your new blog.

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