Hazelden shares rationale for Suboxone over methadone

Hazelden just sent a newsletter that included a teaser about the rationale for their adoption of Suboxone over methadone.

It links to this article that describes their reasoning this way:

We found that buprenorphine was a better medication for our patient population and our goals of transitional use of MAT versus long-term medication maintenance. While methadone is very effective and useful for certain populations, most people in methadone maintenance programs commonly don’t have an abstinence orientation, which can result in continued use of benzodiazepines, cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.

Some context makes this interesting.

The federal government, the media, treatment providers, and medication manufacturers have put tremendous energy into promoting maintenance treatments. Most of these efforts do not differentiate between treatments.

Hazelden’s embrace of maintenance medication was seen as a sort of breakthrough for MAT.

The fact that they would characterize methadone programs in this way (and use the word “most”) is noteworthy.