Slaying the Dragon, 2nd edition!

SlayingtheDragonBill White just announced the publication of the second edition of Slaying the Dragon, his history of addiction, treatment and recovery in the United States.

It’s an intimidating book but, as big and as dense as it is, it’s a great and easy read. You can approach it the way you used to be able to approach an encyclopedia–just grab it, flip around and read whatever catches your interest, or use the index to find information on a particular subject.

It’s also a steal at $25.

From a review of the table of contents, here are the changes I can identify:

  • Added – Frederick Douglass and African American Recovery
  • Added – Social Model Programs
  • Added – The Birth, Rebirth and Evolution of NA
  • Changes – Looks like there are major changes in the discussion of methadone.
  • Added – Family Recovery
  • Changes – Discussion of modern treatment looks like it’s been radically revised
  • Added – The Recovery Revolution
  • Added – The Future of Treatment and Mutual Aid

Order here.