What lifts people out of addiction?

Ernie Kurtz just published a great piece in Salon, but that’s for tomorrow. For today, here’s a repost of a 2006 post linking to a great talk by Rabbi and doctor Abraham Twerski on spirituality and recovery.


twerski1As founder and medical director emeritus of Gateway Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Twerski spoke last month at the center’s Recovery Breakfast, on the topic ‘Will Chemical Blockers Eliminate the Need for AA?’ Here are his comments.

He opens with this:

When I was in medical school, my professor of pharmacology asked me what my plans for the future were, and I told him l was planning to become a psychiatrist. He said, “One day, we’re going to produce a pill that will put you all out of business.” Well, that’s not quite what happened. Rather, they produced a number of pills that made my business skyrocket.

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  1. Made me laugh. Nice observation!