Embrace harm reduction?


DJ Mac challenges recovery-oriented providers to embrace harm reduction:

Despite my focus on recovery I have a strong harm reduction ethos at my core. Sure, I challenge services to be recovery-orientated, but I firmly believe that the reverse needs to be true. Rehabs and other services with a recovery goal ought to have harm reduction practices woven into their fabric. If they don’t they could be short-changing clients.

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Spend some time on his blog. His posts are consistently smart, challenging, concise and he avoids the simplistic and false binary arguments that plague writing on the topic.


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4 responses to “Embrace harm reduction?

  1. Jason thanks so much for scouring what is out there to share with everyone. I continue to give you credit as i pass along the valuable information you share.
    Have a beautiful day and keep on saving lives!
    Bev Buncher, MA, MRLC, PCC, CTPC
    786 859 4050

  2. Blushing here. If you look east, you’ll see the glow on the horizon. Thanks for the endorsement.