Amplified Recovery

Bill White, illuminating real recovery and the how necessary it is for helpers to maintaining direct connections to people with “amplified recovery”:

The addictions field has been so fixated throughout its history on addiction-related pathologies that we know very little about these amplified states of recovery.   We as addiction professionals need to periodically remind ourselves of the distinction between remission and recovery.  Remission is about the deletion or diminishment of sickness; recovery–real recovery–involves broader dimensions of character, purpose and quality of life.  One of the most important ingredients we have to offer people seeking recovery is hope, and that hope is for far more than the elimination of pain.  We need to be able to convey that as the broken places heal, it is possible to achieve optimal health and a fulfilled life.  To authentically convey that vision, we must stay connected to those people who are living such lives.  To be a champion of recovery, we must maintain our connections to those who are the most infectious carriers of recovery.

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