Spiritual awakening predicts improved recovery outcomes

healinghandsAn interesting study from a friend of ours:


PURPOSE: This study examined concurrent and longitudinal associations between two dimensions of affiliation in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)-attendance and spiritual awakening-and drinking outcomes among adult patients who were in treatment for alcohol dependence in Warsaw, Poland. In a study conducted at four addiction treatment centers, male and female patients (n = 118) with a DSM-IV diagnosis of alcohol dependence were assessed at baseline (Time 1 or T1), 1 month (T2), and 6-12 months postbaseline (T3) for AA meeting attendance, various aspects of AA affiliation, and alcohol use. Alcoholics Anonymous meeting attendance and alcohol consumption were measured using the Timeline Followback interview. Self-report of having had a spiritual awakening was measured using a modified version of the Alcoholics Anonymous Involvement Scale.

RESULTS: There were no cross-sectional or longitudinal associations between AA meeting attendance and improved drinking outcomes. In contrast, self-report of a spiritual awakening between T2 and T3 was significantly associated with abstinence (OR = 2.4, p < .05) and the absence of any heavy drinking (OR = 3.0, p < .05) at T3, even when demographic and clinical characteristics were statistically controlled.

CONCLUSIONS: Self-reports of spiritual awakening predicted improved drinking outcomes in a Polish treatment sample.

via Spiritual awakening predicts improved … [J Addict Nurs. 2013 Oct-Dec] – PubMed – NCBI.

4 thoughts on “Spiritual awakening predicts improved recovery outcomes

  1. interesting. So meeting makers make meetings. But those who have a spiritual awakening (I assume this means working the steps) do better.

    1. Yeah. I wouldn’t want to read too much into it, it’s one study in another culture, but that would be my take on it. There’s lots of evidence that 12 step involvement is a better predictor of good outcomes then 12 step attendance. In this case, maybe, as you suggest, spiritual awakening is an indicator of involvement.

  2. An OR of 2.4 for a self-reported spiritual awakening is hard to ignore. Wish they had more information about the detail of those self-reports!!!

  3. …and now I feel a bit more confident in saying that Steve S. didn’t fail miserably at being my first sponsor 25 years ago – I did! lolz…

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