Tribes of the Recovering Community

Bill White recently had a great post on recovery advocacy around the world.

A flourishing  recovery advocacy movement continues to spread across the United States that is spawning new recovery support structures and transforming addiction treatment in its wake.  Even more unimaginable would have been a prediction that a recovery advocacy movement in the U.S. would spread beyond its borders to spark the cultural mobilization of people in recovery around the world.  And yet, that is precisely what seems to be happening, with each national movement takes on its own unique forms and its own distinct advocacy and recovery support service agendas.  What they share in common is recovering people standing collectively to affirm the hope of long-term recovery, to celebrate the varieties of recovery experience and to forge the physical, psychological and social space within which recovery can flourish in communities around the globe.

Go to his site, read the whole post and check out the other pictures.

Africa Rally Against Drugs in Zanzibar
Africa Rally Against Drugs in Zanzibar


2013 Recovery Parade Tokyo 2
2013 Recovery Parade Tokyo


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