Two Lives Lost to Heroin

01_needlepark (1)From LIFE magazine:

In February 1965, LIFE magazine published an extraordinary photo essay on two heroin addicts, John and Karen, in New York City. Photographed by Bill Eppridge, the photographs — and the accompanying article, reported and written by LIFE associate editor James Mills — were part of a two-part series on narcotics in the United States. A sensitive, clear-eyed and harrowing chronicle of, as LIFE phrased it, “two lives lost to heroin,” Eppridge’s pictures shocked the magazine’s readers and brought the sordid, grim reality of addiction into countless American living rooms.Read more:

One thought on “Two Lives Lost to Heroin

  1. This was definitely an iconic piece at the time- perhaps of all time- on addiction and what it can do to people. It’s sad that Bill Eppridge has passed away. We’ve lost a great photographer.

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