Inside the Shady World of Sober Homes

Screen_Shot_2013_04_03_at_12.36.55_PMPacific Standard has a horrifying article about a sober home in NYC. It sounds like a perfect storm of greed, corruption and incompetence.

Its not quite that bad here, but there are a lot of really bad sober housing programs and I really don’t know how a client could sort out the decent programs from the bad ones. We have a hard time with it and we’re not a few days sober and in the midst of actual or possible homelessness.

Licensing would be a very good thing. Right now, sober housing operators can provide terrible care and exploit residents financially or sexually and there’s NOTHING illegal about it and therefore little that can be done.

One thought on “Inside the Shady World of Sober Homes

  1. This is so sad. Patients should not be made to choose between having a home and recovering from a disease. And the worst part is that Lillian’s story is not even unique. There are so many more trapped in sober homes of poor quality.

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