Tribes of the recovering community


The University of Michigan has a student organization called Students for Recovery.

It was started several years ago by a recovering student and  spurred the creation of a Collegiate Recovery Program at the University.

They are still very active, providing much needed support to recovering students on campus, as well as a lot of fun–dances, canoe trips, bike trips, etc.

I got sober on a college campus with very little peer support. This is GREAT.

4 thoughts on “Tribes of the recovering community

  1. I wish they had groups in uni’s over here… We are just starting to have Youth Liaison workers so hopefully they will set up some groups!

    1. I know. It’s really great, isn’t it?

      One of the things that’s really cool about it is that it serves as a two way bridge with the larger local recovering community. The group helps link students to the local recovering community and I think the presence of the students in the recovering community draws other sober people into the university.

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