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BLOG.LOVE_.JSIM_1Thanks to a couple of very kind posts from a couple of web-friends.

First, Anna David (quickly becoming one of my faves) has a post about the alliance between Hazelden and Betty Ford. She has a very kind mention of one of my posts. Thanks Anna!

Next, the blog Guinevere Gets Sober has a post linking to me as a “comrade-in-arms”. (I love that!) Her post is about the business of Suboxone and how it’s experienced by addicts seeking help. Thanks Guinevere!

Both or great posts and well worth your time.


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2 responses to “Blog love

  1. Jessica Antanaitis

    Your willingness to controvert McClellan would seem to confirm Anna David’s putting you in the ranks of “a brave few.” 🙂 Jess

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