When Methadonia was first released, there was quite a bit of hand wringing over whether the film inaccurately presented methadone maintenance treatment in a negative light.

Cassie Rodenberg, at The White Noise, who has been spending time with and blogging about homeless addicts in the Bronx says [emphasis mine]:

Some on the streets find methadone worse than an original heroin addiction, while others find the maintenance system workable. The documentary “Methadonia” interviews those in NYC recovery. For those curious, this is the closest thing I’ve seen to those I speak with every day, an accurate portrayal of life for low-income residents struggling with heroin addiction and recovery. Take a look for the stories.

What’s interesting is that anyone who’s spent time around heroin addiction has seen what we see in Methadonia, yet advocates insist it is not the reality of methadone. Yet, the reality they discuss is invisible to us. If we’re to believe them, it has to be on faith.