Scotland’s ORT Outcomes

MethadoneScotland invests a very large portion of their treatment resources into ORT and recently released a report on their outcomes. Pretty underwhelming.

… the Report on People in Treatment study reveals that more than two out of every three users who go into treatment admit continuing to use illegal drugs after three months.

Where information was available, the report painted a bleak picture of addicts’ success in holding down jobs or maintaining family relationships.

The number of people reporting being in work after three months of drug treatment actually fell from just 12 per cent to an even more pitiful nine per cent.

The report also reveals that in almost a third of cases – 29 per cent – the Government appears not to know where drug addicts’ children were living.

Children were only living with the addict after three months of treatment in 30 per cent of cases.

In 41 per cent of cases, their status was simply “living elsewhere”. The remainder were “unknown”.

The full report is available here.


2 thoughts on “Scotland’s ORT Outcomes

  1. Jason:
    Great article. It would be interesting to do a comparative analysis of our data next to theirs. They need to make serious policy shifts on what they are providing, what it’s costing them versus, what are their outcomes. As usual, I like reading what you write.

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