Mark and Ryan’s story

UPDATE: Mark pulled the video. Hopefully it’s only temporary.

My job allows me to meet some really wonderful people. Sadly, I meet some of them under really terrible circumstances. Mark Rudolph is one of those people. He lost his son to opiate addiction 5 years ago and has chosen to make meaning of it by educating others about opiate addiction in the “safe” suburbs and supporting families dealing with addiction.

He just shared this video with me:

4 thoughts on “Mark and Ryan’s story

  1. I’m a recovering addict and publisher of The 12 Step Gazette out of Philly. As much as I deal with od’s (a lot) this video got to me (the phone call – the caller was a human and you could here his remorse – we don’t want to die and we don’t want anybody around us too either…we just can’t stop – we’re powerless – surrender is the only way out

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