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American Society of Addiction Medicine
American Society of Addiction Medicine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the ASAM blog:

…is there any evidence that the general public requires less treatment than do healthcare professionals and pilots? I would further ask, given the excellent outcomes generally obtained by PHPs and pilot recovery programs, why there have been no studies in which members of the lay public go through identical programs to determine what their long term outcome would be. Indeed, what happens when a non-healthcare professional or non-pilot goes through 90 days of rehab, and is then followed regularly by an addiction specialist physician while simultaneously attending twelve-step or similar self-help groups and being subject to random urine drug testing, all as the FAA requires of pilots requesting a special issuance medical, and as state medical boards generally require of physicians wanting to return to practice? Would they too have an 80-90% recovery rate?

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One thought on “Sentences to ponder

  1. Excellent post, Jason! I love when you bring this difference up! How horrible & sad that someone who is a doctor gets better treatment than other addicts who aren’t health care professionals. Dr’s are great but they are no more valuable & special than the toothless crack head living on the streets of Detroit! I hear in AA quite often that “Jo Blow is doing the open talk this Sat. night at AA. You know, Joe Blow the dr.” “So & so did the lead at AA tonight….the dr. guy or the dr. gal.” Seems if you’re a dr. in recovery you are in some way more valuable or more important. I never hear, “Steve B., the cook, led the meeting tonight. Sandra T., the secretary spoke tonight.” Just a perspective of something many of us (in recovery) have glaringly noticed. I have followed all your posts on the way doctors are helped with drug treatment. They have access to a pot o’ gold! ♥

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