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For all of you Michigan addiction professionals, we are now offering distance CEs for all MCBAP certifications. We’d rather see you in person, where you can get CEs for free. But, if you can’t make it, this is a great way to get recovery-oriented CEs pretty cheap. Spread the word!

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  1. I just ran across this page and it took me back to the first time I was offered Dawn Farms. I was not too far into my 18th year on this planet but with all the earthly and universal wisdom that any God could acquire at 18 I was already in my 2nd year into heroin addiction and my 6th year into alcoholism. While sitting in a therapists office talking about how I could save my newly acquired job at General Motors which only being there a little over my probationary period I was already about to lose it. Nine months was a record breaking achievement for any heroin addict I thought but who wants to lose a job a G.M. right? As the counselor and I sat there she offered me to detox at Hurley hospital and then she said being the type of addict I was I would need long term therapy and she recommended a place called Dawn Farms. She said it was about a year program if I remember correctly and being that I had already been introduced at 16 for heroin addiction that it would be wise if I took this option. Well for one I felt I was being forced into this whole thing by G.M. and my grandparents, God bless them both, and I could quit if I really wanted to anyway. All I can say now at 54 and just over 6 years clean and sober that I wished I would of took that opportunity. Back at that young age of 18 I thought alcohol and drugs were doing for me what I couldn’t do for myself and I couldn’t get that out of my head so maybe a long term treatment center like Dawn Farms could have done the trick. At least I would have been far from my stomping grounds and the time would of allowed me to see that there is a way to stay clean for a period of time being all the short term treatment centers in the past I was either getting high the minute I got out or if they let me on pass I would get high and even bring some back. They say you got to want it before you can recover I say hogwash. I’ve been around since 1975 and in it full force the last six plus years and before the six the first time I really tried I had 3 years and really wanted it then and didn’t make it although I didn’t do all that was suggested in the 12 Step fellowship I was in but my point is just like Dr. Bob co-founder of A.A. says in his story in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous that it is for those who want and need it and I don’t know how many I’ve seen come in throughout the years and wanted no part of A.A. or N.A. and are some of our most prized members now. Anyone can come in and not want it and build a foundation from that and just because of the attraction of what goes on in the fellowships and how they start relating to other addicts stories they start to come around and are now full fledged members and people you can be proud of. So yes, I wished back then sitting in that room with that therapist I wish instead of talking her into sending me into two short term treatment centers maybe if I would of went into Dawn Farms I would have a lot more than 6 years not. I do not regret like I once did of my past but I have learned one thing for sure. It is possible to do the things in life clean and sober that you thought no way you could do unless under the influence. Ben S

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