Sentences to ponder

I didn’t invent the humor in recovery. It’s already there. There’s a tremendous amount of laughter at a good AA meeting.

Author, Elizabeth Zelvin, discussing her use of recovery themes in her mystery novels.

2 thoughts on “Sentences to ponder

  1. I realize what you meant here, and humor def has a place…but I know several families who have lost young adults to overdose, and this just hurts them.

    1. Thanks for the comment luluberoo. I was looking at the text of the post and was completely confused. I just realized that you were reacting to the book cover.

      I haven’t actually read any of her books. It looks like she’s working recovery themes into the conventions of the hard-boiled detective novel and the title of the book is in that spirit.

      I hope readers will see it in that light.

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