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What lessons does this have to offer addiction and psychiatric treatment?

Last year 41 million colds were erroneously treated with antibiotics because doctors were unwilling to confront patients who demanded drugs. Patients show up with a cold, don’t like to be told that their illness will just have to run its course, demand antibiotics, and get them—even though they won’t help. Why? Because the doctors can’t “just say no” to drugs.

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  1. Thanks,Jason. I have been sick for four days and don’t get why ppl think I should load up on symptom control OTC meds. Last time I had a flu-like virus the doctor said it’s a virus but here’s some antibiotics just in case – what? I have a friend who expects this from the doctor now she is so resistant to abx that she has to be hospitalized and put on iv abx to treat any infection. I am really glad you brought this up.

    1. Agreed, though what I’m really interested in is how this behavior pattern plays out with addiction and psych meds. Particularly with all of the marketing directed at patients.

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