Methadone’s effect on affect

PeaPod highlights a recent study looking at methadone’s blunting of emotions:

Does methadone blunt your feelings? If you work in abstinence-oriented treatment, you’ll not have to think too closely about the answer to that question, you’ll have heard many testimonies to that effect and you will have seen the evidence with your own eyes. But not everyone agrees and there’s not much evidence to date to help us answer the question.

A paper to be published in the journal Addiction suggests that methadone can have this effect, flattening out both highs and lows. Researchers compared 21 methadone clients with 21 controls and found that when methadone peaked in the bloodstream there were significant changes in emotional reactivity.

2 thoughts on “Methadone’s effect on affect

  1. Erm, isn’t that exactly why people choose to take opiates/opioids? Or was it just me?! 😉

    1. I saw this Hindu proverb yesterday: “To try to extinguish the drive for riches with money is like trying to quench a fire by pouring butterfat over it.”

      Couldn’t help but wonder if it has something to say about ORT.

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