Non-recovery vs. recovery culture

I feel like I’ve seen this before in Deegan’s writing, but this table focusing on recovery culture vs. non-recovery culture in mental health services is pretty amazing. Again, it highlights many of the concerns about methadone and other meds, but it also shines a light on some failings of drug-free treatment. What a great too for evaluating one’s own practice!

Non-Recovery Culture Recovery Culture
Low expectations Hopeful with high expectations
Stability/maintenance is the goal Recovery is the goal
There is no clearly defined exit Clear exits; graduates return/share
Little or no access to information Easy access to information
Compliance is valued Self determination, critical thinking, and independence are valued
Coercion is used to achieve compliance People become the experts in their own care
People are protected from trial/error learning People take risks and have “right to fail”
One-size- fits-all treatment approach Wide range of programs and non-program options
Consumers live in “treatment centers” Opportunities for community integration with choice
Consumers are judged by their level of motivation Restoring hope creates new choices
Medication is the primary tool Medication is one of several tools
Emphasis is on treatment Peer support and self-help are valued

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