Continue to continue to continue…

footprints by JP-Flanigan

An article about living with bipolar offers and important insight for anyone living with a chronic illness, including addiction:

You can’t choose to have or not have an illness, but you can choose the way you opt to cope with it. You can choose to lie in bed all day and think negative thoughts, and some days, that really is all you can do. But on the days when getting out of bed is a possibility, to do that, and get showered and dressed, and go make something of the day even though you may not be feeling 100 percent, is worthwhile. It might even make you feel better the next day, and the one after that.

Of course, it’s easier to start and sustain this journey if you have a community full of people who have already taken this journey and are willing to take it again with you, as well as others who are taking it for the first time.

(h/t The Dish)