Shaking the neurobiological monkey on the back

More spooky memory research with implications for trauma and addiction:

The researchers injected a small protein – a peptide called ZIP – directly into an area of the addicted rats’ basal forebrain called the nucleus accumbens, which controls pleasure and reward and which has been demonstrated to be connected to drug addiction.

Afterward, the rats were returned to their pens to check their reactions. Rather than seeking out the place where they had been getting their “fixes” of cocaine, the rats ignored it, indicating that memories linked to their addiction had been erased.

One thought on “Shaking the neurobiological monkey on the back

  1. You are right: this is spooky and you can imagine all sorts of problems arising. Memory is unlikely to be stored in labelled neurological filing cabinets that can be opened to extract files safely. I don’t think i’ll sign up as remembering the horror of addiction is a good way for me to avoid repeating it.

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