Follow up on recent posts

The Best We Can Do? – The more I think about this kind of stuff the angrier I get. It’s the equivalent of  finding someone collapsing with a heart attack in the middle of a street, helping them get to a sidewalk,  leaving them there and then congratulating yourself with statements like, “They’d never survive that heart attack if they got hit by a car!”

Learn to be lucky – What I forgot to point out was that the researcher concluded that “lucky” people experience more chance or unexpected positive experiences because they notice them. Learning to notice more in our environment might not just make us feel luckier, it might help us enjoy more “luck”.

Drug Courts – There ARE Practice Guidelines – The National Association of Drug Court Professionals has now responded to the two reports.

The go-to way – The Reclaiming Futures blog also references Join the Club: How Peer Pressure Can Transform the World by Tina Rosenberg.