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From an interview with the author of a book on how peer pressure has the potential to transform the world in positive ways [emphasis mine]:

Why is there so much fear around connectedness? Some of the people in that group were afraid that other people would become busybodies and that they’d almost get too close for comfort.

I think there’s still a lot of resistance to the idea of solving problems in groups. Not with the idea of addiction anymore — I think those groups [like 12-step programs] have now become the go-to way of dealing with it — but with other problems [the resistance is still there]. America is still a very individualist society compared to most other places. We’ve structured a middle class suburban life that increases that sense of alienation. Your kids don’t play in a communal park — they go to the swing set in your backyard. But I think people are realizing that it’s not healthy to live that way, that we’d be happier if we were more connected.

Interesting…particularly for an approach to drug problems that takes so much flak.

This is especially interesting in the context of social contagion of drinking and other health problems.


3 thoughts on “The go-to way

  1. I really like how connectedness is coming onto the agenda (well, it’s been there a long time already, but I mean into more general consciousness). It’s a bit of a relearning thing for many of us to see that the most powerful influences may have little to do with professional interventions.

    Incidentally, did your blog just change quite radically?

    1. I agree. Our mission statement is:

      Dawn Farm will identify and remove barriers that prevent addicts and alcoholics from joining the recovering community.

      The message is that the recovering community is what will heal and sustain our clients’ recovery, not Dawn Farm. Our role is to make this possible.

      It’s a huge mental adjustment for workers and it can be threatening, but there’s no shortage of work in this role.

      It is a new site. It should be our final home.

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