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The blogger has no quarrel with Darwin or his theories.

I’m too tired right now to dig into Megan McArdle’s post. (A follow-up to a post complaining about the inconvenience of having to ask a pharmacist for sudafed.) I have previously made the argument that drug policy is really about choosing which problems we’re willing to live with, because every policy will bring problems.

What I really wanted to draw your attention to is the comments on the post. With all of this blogs recent discussion of values, what values are expressed in these comments?

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  1. Well “drug addled idiots” caught my eye, but it’s hard to get a grip on this as there are now hundreds of comments. The big theme is that if you make an illegal thing with nasty consequences legal, the nasty consequences will be less nasty.

    But we don’t normally take that approach with things we find morally or ethically wrong. Domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse are, for most of us, clearly wrong, so the argument is not applied in these areas.

    Drug use is not so black and white for many. It’s the greys that get us confused.

  2. I was referring to comments like this thread:

    halfcanadian 1 day ago

    Before drug legalization, remove the safety net for drug users. Let Darwinian motion resolve the rest.
    You cannot have a libertarian drug policy without a libertarian welfare policy.

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    RossLe 1 day ago in reply to halfcanadian

    Half agree. Drug addicts should be free to imbibe and free to starve. However. A libertarian welfare policy means what, exactly, for the kids? You can’t have a libertarian welfare policy for women without a fairly draconian fertility or child custody regime . . .

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    anirprof 1 day ago in reply to RossLe

    That is a problem for the “Evolution In Action” crowd — only rarely do drug addicts select themselves out *before* reproducing. Engaging in early, promiscuous, unprotected sex seems to be part of the same dysfunction, and so well before all addicts suffer something fatal they manage to have a few kids.

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