Topiramate, Baclofen and Naltrexone

Recent studies found baclofen to be no more effective than placebo and topiramate more effective than naltrexone.

UPDATE: Yikes. This is embarrassing. Brian pointed out in the comments below that I wrongly indicated that baclofen and topiramate are the same drug. They aren’t. The post has been corrected.


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2 responses to “Topiramate, Baclofen and Naltrexone

  1. brian

    Topiramate and Baclofen are not the same drug, nor do they necessarily have the same site of action. Baclofen pretty clearly hits the GABAb receptors, whereas topiramate potentially has multiple actions, inter and intracellular. Your first link is a comparison of baclofen with placebo. Your second compares topiramate and naltrexone – interesting link at that – thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  2. Jason Schwartz

    Well, that’s embarrassing. Thanks for correcting me.