Heroin shortage in UK is 'putting lives at risk'

Saw this yesterday and decided not to post on it, but it was in my inbox again this morning, so, what the heck.

Does this headline strike anyone else as backward? Certainly, there is truth to it, but isn’t it heroin addiction (rather than a shortage) that’s putting lives at risk? It’s amazing how complacent we can get.

Not a word about treatment in the article. Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to try to engage heroin addicts in treatment?

5 thoughts on “Heroin shortage in UK is 'putting lives at risk'

  1. not everyone wants to get clean. If you know anything about heroin addiction, then you’ll know that times like this,times of a crisis in supply, people getting ripped off, dying even(more and for different reasons than’normal’) these things draw the junky community closer together. i imagine fewer than useual will be seeking help. i live in south europe,but i regularly speak to addicts in the uk. this drought is the worst in living memory,but not one person has mentioned getting clean. i’ve wanted to suggest it myself,but i know if thats what my pals wanted, they would tell me(im clean after many many years) my concern is this’shortage’ is a business tactic enginered to push prices up.this MAY mean fewer addicts in the future, but the problem wont go away. im vering towards ending prohibition. certainly in europe this would be feasable.i believe its possible for heroin addicts to lead productive lives. not all are’hopeless cases’ there should always be frewill for humans. yes,even for junkies.

  2. It’s amazing how many people want to get clean when they see real recovery and real help is offered. Motivation is intimately related to hope. The problem with the free will argument is that it doesn’t recognize that willpower is compromised while in active addiction.

  3. you’re right.my experience is in the uk there just isnt the help or the funding and if there is,the services are not addressing the needs of the users. i’m not saying this is anyone fault,just we havent worked it out yet. legal availability of smack might allow many to lead fairly ‘normal’ lives- work,study,and so on,and by participating in these activities find hope for the future,motivation to change, and the willpower to really fight. it could be worth a go cos lord knows what we have at the moment is all wrong.

  4. Times like these draw the junky community closer together? How fucking quaint. Tell you what, when I was using anyone who got drawn closer to me got stabbed in the back and screwed over. I hated myself for doing it, but it was necessary. The junky community that I was part of involved laying around in piss and puss, puking bile, cellulitis, prostitution, fear, hopelessness and despair.I didn’t trust anyone and no one trusted me.It was not romantic, pretty, cool, fun or happy. It was pure hell! On a “good” day my “willpower” kept a needle out of my arm for 10 hours. If I had free heroin I would’ve died a long time ago.Getting clean was hard and I know I am extremely fortunate to have gotten out.Recovery is possible for all heroin addicts. Seeing it in others is what brings hope. Fetishizing, glamorizing and normalizing heroin addiction conveys a sense of hopelessness that does a real disservice to those who are still trapped in their addictions. Policy, such as heroin maintenance, that implies that it is possible to lead a productive life while in the grips of an addiction feeds in to a fantasy that kills a lot of people.

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