Susie Q?

Not a surprise if you spend time talking with people who receive treatment in medically oriented programs:

…these days, the use of Seroquel is growing in popularity in a different group: men and women living on the margins who simply want a good night’s rest.

“Seroquel puts you to sleep,’’ said Luis Lopez, 28, a patient at Men’s Addiction Treatment Center in Brockton who used to buy Seroquel tablets from drug dealers. “We all know from the streets that’s how it works.’’

The street use of Seroquel as a sedative is yet another example of how many prescription drugs cross over into the illicit drug market, creating incentives for dealers to illegally obtain the drug and dangers for users ignorant of its side effects. If misused, doctors say, Seroquel can heighten the risk of diabetes, heart and blood pressure problems, involuntary twitches, and rapid weight gain.

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One thought on “Susie Q?

  1. thanks for the blog regarding Seroquel. I've come to learn through the years if it alters one's mind a drug dealer will get it and sell it to some poor soul.

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