Addicts have made a choice

Now Gene Heyman has become the go to guy for anyone with an ideological aversion to addiction as a disease.

What’s most troubling is that many of his fans have much more broad readership that the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment.

2 thoughts on “Addicts have made a choice

  1. well anyone whose ever lived with an addict knows he chooses every day to keep using and keep abusing other people while hes using so why not let them be responsible instead of excusing them.

  2. Anyone who knows anything about addiction know that people close to the addict also often suffer a great deal too. Sounds like you've experienced this first hand. What is there to say? It really sucks. However, as a recovering addict and a professional, I agree with the prevailing thinking about addiction–that it's defining characteristic is loss of control, the inability to stop or stay stopped.

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